Will public transport services be stepped up during the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games?

Paris 2024 has made strong commitments to sustainable mobility to limit the environmental impact of the Games.

In this regard, all venues will be served by public transport, and a tailored transport plan will be implemented during the Games.

To travel by public transport, you will use the Île-de-France Mobilités network, which encompasses all train, RER, metro, tramway, and bus lines in Paris and its region.

Specific services are provided for spectators during the Games, including the “Transport Public Paris 2024” mobile app, now available for download, a route planner, and specific maps to reach the competition venues, as well as an adapted fare package.

Initial information detailing the train stations, stations, and public transport lines serving each venue can be found in the “How to get there” section of each competition venue's pages.

For more information on public transport in Île-de-France, during the Games, download the “Transport Public Paris 2024” mobile app:



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