Will public parking lots be available on the competition sites? If so, how can I access them?

In Île-de-France, motorized vehicles (cars, motorcycles, scooters, etc.) are not permitted to circulate or park near the competition site and its surroundings. All venues will be accessible by public transportation, and a tailored transportation plan will be implemented during the Games. It will also be possible to reach the competition sites using active mobility options such as biking or walking.

No parking facilities are provided nearby for the public spectators. However, park-and-ride facilities may be available for spectators. Interested spectators will need to reserve their parking spaces in advance and then proceed to the competition sites using public transportation. More information will be provided on our Paris 2024 website.

For your reference, drop-off zones for spectators with disabilities (PSH) and parking spaces for spectators with reduced mobility (PFR) are planned near the competition sites, without prior reservation and subject to availability. Access is contingent upon possessing a European parking card or a "mobilité inclusion" card (or any approved document verifying a disability) and a PFR/PSH ticket.


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Was this content relevant ?