Can I come to the venue by bike and park it?

In the Île-de-France region, specially designated routes will be made available to facilitate your bicycle journeys towards the competition venues, where parking facilities will be provided.

For the hosting municipalities in the region, all relevant parking information is available on the websites of the respective cities.

Each site in Île-de-France is equipped with fenced-off spectator bicycle parking.

These parking areas will also be staffed from 1.5 hours before each competition event to 1.5 hours after.

Cyclist spectators will be encouraged to securely lock their helmets and electric batteries onto their bicycles, which will be left safely.

For specific details on parking options, please contact the host authority:

In Île-de-France:

In Lille:

In Bordeaux:

In Lyon:

In Marseille:

In Nice:

In Châteauroux:

In Saint-Étienne:

Detailed information regarding each competition venue will be provided in the spectator guide, which will be communicated to you prior to the start of your session.


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