What is the Danse des Jeux competition?

The Danse des Jeux competition aims to showcase the best projects of the Dance des Jeux.

The choreography must adhere to the following format: the first part should replicate Mourad Merzouki's choreography, and the second part will be a reinvention of the Danse des Jeux.

Throughout the year, the top projects will be highlighted in Paris 2024's communications (newsletters, Génération 2024 platform, social media, etc.), and 3 "favorites" will be selected to participate in a festive event at the Theatre de la Ville in Paris on May 18, 2024.

Discover the Practical Guide: https://medias-generation.paris2024.org/2024-02/Paris%202024%20-%20Danse%20des%20Jeux%20-%20Guide%20pratique%20Concours_0.pdf


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