How should the participation video for the Danse des Jeux competition be submitted?

The participation video must be sent via France Transfert no later than March 31, 2024, to the designated contacts appointed by the Academies.

Participating in the Danse des Jeux competition implies a transfer of image rights of the participants (for dissemination on Paris 2024's social networks, communication, etc.), as well as a transfer of copyright for the choreographed part of the dance.

Further details can be found on the Génération 2024 platform starting from January 2024.

The video must not be edited (change of shot, cut, zoom, etc.) to showcase the choreographic creation. Any video editing will be considered as manipulation.

The video may include an opening and/or closing credits. Note that the credits may be shortened/removed depending on the promotional materials used (social media, etc.) for the sake of standardization.

Only students are invited to participate, so adults cannot be present in the videos.


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Was this content relevant ?