What are the different ways of getting to the competition venues?

Several solutions will be implemented by Paris 2024 in addition to access via RATP and IDFM metro, bus, or RER networks:

  • A shuttle service operated by Île-de-France Mobilité for wheelchair users connecting major Parisian stations to competition venues in Île-de-France. An email to access the booking system is sent to PFR ticket holders. The booking platform for these IDFM Shuttles is open to reserve shuttles for each PFR ticket holder for the Olympic and Paralympic Games: https://accessible-shuttles.paris2024.iledefrance-mobilites.fr/

  • A parking area for wheelchair users without prior reservations

  • An accessible drop-off and pick-up zone for personal vehicles or taxis or ride-hailing services for all individuals with disabilities, upon presentation of documentation (European parking card, mobility inclusion card (CMI), or equivalent) and presentation of the PSH/PFR ticket


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