How will individuals with disabilities be accommodated at the competition venues?

Paris 2024 is committed to ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities at every competition venue by implementing the following measures:

  • A drop-off zone near the site entrances for PWD (People With Disabilities).

  • A parking area for PFR (People with Reduced Mobility) and a drop-off zone for IDFM shuttles for PFR.

  • Dedicated assistance available from the drop-off and parking zone.

  • A priority queue for PWD at the site entrances.

  • Dedicated reception staff for people with disabilities.

  • Mobility assistance within the site, with the option to use a wheelchair to reach the seating area.

  • A ticketing offer specifically dedicated to people with disabilities and their companions.

  • A dog relief area at each site.

Find all the services available to PWD and PFR spectators on our dedicated page:


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Was this content relevant ?