Where can I find information about the security perimeters set up in Paris for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games?

Special arrangements will be implemented by the police prefecture to ensure the security of the public and the smooth organization of the event. Our common goal is to minimize inconvenience as much as possible.

Various security and traffic perimeters will be set up inside and around the competition venues. These perimeters will include:

  • The restricted organizer perimeter, strictly confined to the area of the site's facilities and activated during the setup and dismantling phases.

  • State security perimeters (protection perimeter, motorized traffic prohibition perimeter, and motorized traffic regulation perimeter) under the responsibility of the Paris Police Prefecture, set up around the competition venues only during the duration of the competitions.

Find all maps and information on the website of the Paris Police Prefecture:


Find more information about the various security perimeters and specific situations on the City of Paris website:


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