Is it possible to use the protected Olympic, Paralympic, and Paris 2024 properties?

The use of Olympic, Paralympic, and Paris 2024 properties is strictly regulated.

Partners (commercial and institutional) of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games have exclusive rights.

In other words, the properties cannot be used for commercial, representational, or communication purposes by individuals who have not contracted with Paris 2024, the International Olympic Committee, or the International Paralympic Committee.

You can find all the information regarding our brand protection policy in this guide:

However, we do grant some tolerance to educational projects, in accordance with the practices associated with our Generation 2024 program, under the following conditions:

  • The project must have an educational character and contribute to the promotion of Paris 2024

  • The use of protected properties is only valid within an educational context

  • The project must not harm the partners of the IOC, IPC, and Paris 2024

  • No brand can be directly associated with the protected properties (rings, agitos, etc.)

  • The project can only be shared within internal communication, without external visibility


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Was this content relevant ?