Is it possible to customize products with the protected Olympic, Paralympic, and Paris 2024 properties?

The use of protected properties is strictly regulated and cannot be personalized.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with this framework presented in the response to the question "BRAND - Is it possible to use the protected Olympic, Paralympic, and Paris 2024 properties?.

Schools are allowed to personalize products from the Génération 2024 or SOP shop.

The applicable rules are as follows:

  • It is not possible to directly associate your logo (establishment) with the protected properties of Paris 2024 (emblems, logo, Olympic rings, agitos, etc.). Your logo must be positioned in a location opposite to that of the Génération 2024 or SOP logo

  • Personalization is exclusively done on products from our shop via Paris 2024's service providers. We can share the contact of the service provider for the application of your logo

  • The creation of personalized or non-personalized products by a third-party service provider is not authorized

  • Personalized products cannot be commercialized

For your information, below are the conditions of access to the different shops:


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