What is the origin of Olympic Day?

On 23rd June 1893, at the heart of the Sorbonne University, Baron Pierre de Coubertin gathered key figures of the global sports community with the firm intention of reviving the Olympic Games. Coubertin succeeded in his endeavor, as the Games, dormant since Antiquity, finally took on their modern form in their birthplace, Athens, in 1894.

The IOC thus chose to commemorate this founding act of the Olympic Games by launching Olympic Day for its first edition in 1948.

Since 1987 and the establishment of the IOC's "Sport for All" commission, the event has been based on three pillars: "move", "learn", "discover".

23rd June has since become a symbol of sport and Olympism, with Paris 2024, for example, announcing its candidacy to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games on 23rd June 2015.

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