I've been targeted by an attempted scam. What should I do?

Contacts with Paris 2024 will always be at your initiative.

If you receive an e-mail, text message or telephone call from Paris 2024, we would like to remind you that you will not be asked for any password or bank details.

If you have been targeted by an attempted scam, report the incident to the authorities, collect any evidence, messages and information you have and report the facts on the Ministry of the Interior's dedicated platform:


If you've been the victim of a scam:

  • Keep all evidence, messages and information you have (identity, telephone number, address, e-mail contact, transaction number, bank details, documents sent, website consulted, etc.)

  • File a complaint with the local authorities.

    For commercial scams, you can file a complaint online via the THESEE platform at:


  • Register a stop payment with your bank as soon as possible. If a payment has already been debited from your account, request reimbursement, indicating that you are filing a complaint. Some banks require proof that you have lodged a complaint in order to process your claim

  • If you require assistance, please visit:


To find out more about how to protect yourself against scam attempts, visit:



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Was this content relevant ?