I have a cultural project. What are the eligibility criteria for the Olympiade Culturelle programme?

All projects wishing to apply for the Olympiade Culturelle programme must meet the following criteria:

  • Be in line with the Olympic and Paralympic Charters and, in particular, the Olympic (excellence, friendship, respect) and Paralympic values (determination, equality, inspiration, and courage)

  • Have an artistic director or cultural curator who can justify the artistic nature of the project - Be able to justify the technical and financial feasibility of the project (consolidated budget, partners, etc.)

  • Ensure that the project has at least one defined venue

  • Mention the dates on which the project will be presented prior to 8 September 2024 (the closing date of the Games)

  • Prove that the project will be presented to the public

Check that the project establishes a link between art and sport or between art and Olympic and Paralympic values in accordance with one or more of the methods below: either by using sport as a theme (e.g. an exhibition of sports photographs); or by taking place in a sports venue or in connection with a sporting event (e.g. a film screening in a swimming pool); or by highlighting the values shared by sport and culture, such as cultural diversity, excellence, respect, inclusion, universalism, etc. (e.g. a play about surpassing oneself).


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