Can my project be supported by Paris 2024?

Paris 2024 does not directly finance educational projects. We encourage you to reach out to academic institutions, local authorities, and/or local sports organizations that may assist you with your project.

However, Paris 2024 aims to support and accompany all initiatives and projects aligned with the Génération 2024 programme for the legacy of the Games. To achieve this, calls for projects are launched through the Paris 2024 Endowment Fund.

Over the past three years, this fund has supported nearly 3 million vulnerable individuals through the backing of over 1000 projects aimed at structures of general interest that promote projects using sports as a lever for social innovation in education, health, well-being, youth civic engagement, social inclusion, and sustainable development.

The new call for projects focuses on the theme of "sport for employment and professional integration." The call for projects was

open from January 19th to March 8th, 2024.


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Was this content relevant ?