What will happen to the Athletes' Village after the Games?

Built on a former industrial wasteland bordering the communes of Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine and L'île-Saint-Denis, the Athletes' Village was first designed for the area.

A project that existed prior to the Games itself, it has been improved and accelerated thanks to the Games, and will be one of the main physical legacies.

By 2025, it will be transformed into a sustainable city district, with housing, offices and shops, where almost 12,000 people will live and work.

Solutions for low-carbon construction and a site adapted to the climatic conditions of 2050 include triple glazing, cooling floors, green spaces and geothermal energy.

During the Games, it will be equipped by Paris 2024 to accommodate the 15,000 athletes, using modular partitions that will be re-used and furniture whose second-life solutions will be identified before the Games.

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